FCi Furniture Consultants - Integrated Environments that Inspire
FCi Furniture Consultants - Integrated Environments that Inspire
FCi Furniture Consultants - Integrated Environments that Inspire

What we do.

Sure, it's impressive that we've been around for over 37 years. And that we're one of North America's largest dealerships. But those aren't the real reasons architects, interior designers, facilities management groups, and businesses small and large come to FCi Furniture Consultants. They come because they know we'll fill their space with more than just walls, and tables, and chairs. We'll fill it with imagination and creativity. Because that's what we do. For every client. Every day. Everywhere in the world.

About FCi Meet the Team

The workplace should be a place that brings talent together, allows the staff to connect, build culture, and work together efficiently.
FCi collaborates with clients to design, innovate and create concepts that reflect a unique sensibility while enhancing their brand identity.

How we do it

At FCi, we believe that if you want to create true interior solutions there's no room for big egos. That's why instead of working in a vacuum, our designers sit with our clients. Listen to their needs. Talk about their ideas. And get a clear understanding of the environment they want to create. Then, together as a team move forward to find the perfect solution.

Being the exclusive Teknion dealer in NYC and having a relationship with over 200 other manufacturers ensures that when we’re done our work not only fits every clients’ space, it fits their budget. Their brand. And their culture. Making us the “go-to” resource for architects, interior designers, facilities management groups, and end-users who just like us, want to make space more livable.

Our Process

Our approach is to provide a space that supports your business mission and evolves with the organization overtime.

Who we do it for.

Today, businesses are making a conscious effort to protect the environment outside while still creating a perfect environment for their employees inside. FCi helps strike that perfect balance by incorporating our knowledge of LEED, ENERGY STAR, BREEM, Haute Qualité Environments, and DGNB green rating systems in all aspects of building design, operations, and management.


Who we partner with.

When you're trying to create the perfect solution for any space it's best to have plenty of options. That's why in addition to being the exclusive Teknion dealer in NYC, we also have long, solid relationships with over 200 other manufacturers. This enables us to be the sole solution for everything from architectural walls, glass fronts, and office furniture to AV technology, sound masking, lab furniture, and other more unique items no one else can offer.


For over 37 years, we've partnered with companies to create and manage a customized solution that would surpass any business' re-decorating goals.

What we've done.

FCi has worked together with thousands of clients representing a cross-section of the country's most influential and dynamic companies. Here are just a few who have watched as we successfully translated their specific needs and circumstances into innovative furniture and architectural solutions.

We've worked with White&Case
We've worked with Brixmor
We've worked with Jet
Our team approach with design and architectural experts inspires confidence and forges lasting relationships with our clients.

Find out what we can do for you.

FCi has multiple locations throughout the East Coast. Allowing us to serve clients in all industries no matter where in the world they're located. Whether you have a new vision for your interior or just a refurbishment, our partnership with over 200 furniture experts will ensure you get exactly what you need. To get your project started just contact any of our offices and we’ll gladly set up a consultation.

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